Our Technology

Disruptive Technology

We make our carpet for today’s consumer—not yesterday’s

Henry Ford was never satisfied with the status quo. When he introduced large production plants and the first moving assembly line, the auto industry was forever transformed. It’s with that spirit of revolutionary change that Engineered Floors creates the highest quality carpet—in terms of durability, softness, beauty and ease of maintenance.


Our proprietary PureColor solution-dyed fiber is superior to traditional piece-dyed fibers. Imagine the difference between a carrot and radish.

The color on traditional carpet fibers sits on top like the red skin of a radish

With PureColor, the color penetrates the fiber like the orange of a carrot

Doesn’t fade from prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight

Won't wear, even in high-traffic areas and has built-in soil resistance

Won't bleach from spot cleaning, even with household cleaners

Resists staining, even from things like red wine, chocolate and pet stains

All our carpets are warrantied against staining, fading, soiling, abrasion, manufacturer defects and loss of texture retention. Most are also warrantied against pet stains. See the warranty specifications that apply to your carpet here.

We make our carpet as efficiently as possible

Thanks to our new technologies and processes, such as our proprietary solution-dyed fiber construction, we make quality carpet with minimal impact on the environment. All this means a cleaner, more responsible way to make the carpet people love.

30% less energy

87% less water in manufacturing

42% less greenhouse emissions

Breathe easy

Carpet has many attributes beyond adding beauty and coziness to any room. In fact, a well-maintained carpet creates a healthier indoor atmosphere.

Your carpet acts as a filter to trap and hold airborne dust and other allergens until eliminated by regular vacuuming and cleaning. It’s also a better insulator than other types of floor covering when it comes to maintaining room temperature. This means reduced heating and cooling costs and a quieter indoor environment.