ColorBurst & PureBac


Once again, Innovation Reinvented by Dream Weaver Carpet and Engineered Floors, and this time it’s “A Better Backing System.”  PureBac™ is the first premium backing system on our own PureColor® Fiber system, and is currently applied to select Dream Weaver styles.

Not only does PureBac™ offer unprecedented flexibility and dimensional stability, it also includes an industry first anti-delamination warranty (10 years).  PureBac™ has NO latex, thus increasing the ease of installation by being lighter, more flexible and softer, saving time, energy and money.



  • No latex
  • No wrinkle
  • Extremely flexible
  • Light weight
  • Does not scratch baseboards or walls
  • No acclimation required
  • Easy to cut
  • Does not require specials tools/tape
    • Low profile, low melt tape
  • 10 Year no delamination warranty
  • Ultra-Fresh protection
    • Protects from odors and staining caused by bacteria, fungi, mold & mildew
  • Uses 25% less energy to produce
  • Remains intact when wet
  • Breathable
  • Helps reduce noise
  • Antimicrobial


The next evolution in variable-color technology.  We’ve made it a habit to continually meet and exceed customer expectations—a trend that continues with our newest innovation, ColorBurst.  ColorBurst uses natural colorations to create a balanced, blended visual that adds depth and richness to Dream Weaver products. And since we infuse the colors in each strand of PureColor® fiber, the carpets are guaranteed not to stain or fade.

At the intersection of art and innovation.  ColorBurst technology takes a more elaborate approach to bring more color to the face of carpet. Traditionally, color variation was limited to only three yarn color combinations. However, with the innovation of ColorBurst, we double the number of yarn color combinations that ultimately give carpet a more natural, blended look. Vibrant colorations accentuate the tailored texture construction and soft feel. Innovative spaced-dyed technology allows for colors to be disbursed at random, keeping the colors from naturally forming a pattern- much like a Monet.


  • More colors in styles
  • All solution-dyed polyester
  • Color disbursement
  • Uses PureColor® fiber
    • Will not stain or fade